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Get unlimited access to premium content when you sign up to PPO. Access our 1,000+ project database, know the latest pipeline, oil and gas news, contract awards, LNG projects progressing to tender and many more.


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PPO subscription includes:

• Access to an extensive online project database (up to five or twenty-five users*);
• PPO Latest, a daily e-newsletter providing updates on construction activity, tender announcements and awards, policy announcements and more;
• PPO Projects, a monthly publication which covers construction updates on all major Australasian LNG and pipeline projects;
• PPO Annual, a yearly publication which contains an overview and update on all major Australasian in design, under construction and commissioned pipeline, gas and LNG projects.

The PPO subscription entitles one or four users* to receive PPO Projects and the PPO Annual in hard copy.

Your PPO subscription offers an in-depth insight into the burgeoning petroleum industry in Australia, and is ideal for major pipeline owners and proponents, sales and business development teams, as well as education and tertiary institutions needing to develop their knowledge in this industry.

PPO is the only product available on the market which provides crucial services such as a project database of over 1,000 Australasian pipeline, gas-fired power stations, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and coal seam gas (CSG) projects. Unlimited access to this database allows you to obtain information on all contractors working on these projects, allowing you to be truly involved in the industry and develop your own lists for your company’s business development requirements.

For more information on how PPO can serve your company’s needs, contact Great Southern Press on +61 3 9248 5100.

What our readers say

“PPO is really useful in terms of sales leads and early heads-up on projects.”

“Great service and coverage. I especially like the way project history is built up month by month.”

“I look forward each day for PPO to arrive and bring me up-to-date with the pipeline industry.

*Dependent on subscription size chosen.


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