Queensland’s export pipeline industry


Find out what has gone into the construction and management of Australia’s three largest pipelines. This informative e-guide covers all you need to know about Queensland’s three export LNG pipelines.


The Australian Pipeliner is pleased to release The Insider’s Guide to Queensland’s Export Pipeline Industry, an e-guide focussed on the massive export pipelines currently underway in Queensland.

The construction of the Queensland Curtis LNG, Gladstone LNG and the Australia Pacific LNG pipelines has indisputably changed the course of Australia’s pipeline industry.

The e-guide is set out to provide an overview of the construction processes involved on the pipelines and to provide an unmatched level of technical and operational detail for our readers.

This e-guide has been produced in collaboration with industry experts, industry bodies such as the AS 2885 committee as well as the APIA Secretariat and associated bodies.

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