The Ultimate Guide to Vacuum Excavation


The free resource for project planners, designers and managers who excavate for infrastructure installation, to locate existing utilities, or use suction equipment for cleaning and spill removal.


Vacuum excavators have come of age. Different size-reduction tools and valve exerciser attachments give the vacuum excavator greater versatility than ever seen before.  Owners of these units have discovered their range outside of standard potholing and cleaning jobs, and contractors are finding new uses for vacuum excavators every day in order to save time and labour costs.

This e-guide details some of the many applications vacuum excavators are being utilised for and key considerations when purchasing equipment.

This valuable e-guide is able to be distributed as a free resource thanks to the support of Sponsors Ditch Witch Australia and Vermeer.


  • Overview on vacuum excavation
  • Equipment timeline
  • Applications
  • Equipment options: type, application, flexibility
  • Type of vacuum blower
  • Size of the spoil tank
  • Type of tank seal and door mechanism
  • Type of filtration system
  • Hydro and/or compressed air jets and vacuums
  • Complying with Australian regulations
  • Behind the scenes
  • Featured products
  • Featured articles
  • Comparative chart
  • Vacuum excavation equipment check list
  • Need more info?
  • Directory.

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